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My Little Zone is a fresh women's initiative.

Our goal is to bring joy to babies, and parents around the world with our unique design of baby bedding sets and nursery accessories.


All merchandise has care labels and washing instructions attached. Please refer to these instructions. Please read all warnings very carefully on the labels. It is recommended to wash before first use. Our fabrics are 100% cotton and should be treated with moderate to low heat settings.
You may lay items with cushion/filling under the sun, allowing them to expand in fresh air. For items with filling, follow washing and drying instructions mentioned in the next questions and you will see that the padding will get really fluffy.

All items except the storage bins are machine washable. It is advised that items with filling such as the comforter (quilt), play-mat and hanging organizer to be washed cold on gentle cycle with small amount of mild detergents. One-two items at a time. You may wipe clean the storage bins.

You can machine dry all items except the storage bins. All our 100% cotton fabrics can be machine dried using moderate-to-low heat. High heats can cause cotton fibers to shrink.
It is advised that items with filling such as the comforter (quilt), play-mat and hanging organizer to be tumble dried on cool settings and gentle cycle with a few clean tennis balls, in 30 min intervals. This will prevent clumping and result in a fluffy padding. (You may put tennis balls in white socks)

It is advised to wash/wipe clean all products before first use.

All of our products have CPC (Children's Product) certification and are completely safe to use for your baby. All of our materials have been carefully chosen to provide maximum comfort and safety for babies and children. Our design uses 100% high quality soft cotton, simply because it’s the best choice for your baby’s delicate skin!

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We offer shipping on all U.S. orders. For all orders, our shipping rate will be calculated at check-out based on size, weight and destination of package.

Every item will be shipped immediately after handling and packaging. Once the payment has been submitted - the item will be delivered within 2-5 business days.

If you are not completely satisfied with your order, simply contact us to let us know about the issue and we will do our best to solve it.